Tamilrockers download Hindi dubbed movie, tamil telugu pirated movie downloading site Admin Caught

Indian government arrest and punish popular pirate movie site’s admins.Tamilrocker’s 3 admins get caught after leaking Rajnikant’s movie Robot 2.0. They have several sites which they use after one gets penalized by Indian telecommunication department. Tamilrockers site was positioned on 1804 Alexa rank and this site provides its user with a torrent of the pirated movies which is illegal in the country Its URL cannot be specified because of the admins of this site change the URL of the site as per the previous URL caught by the Indian Telecommunication Department. TamilRockers is not only the site which was banned by the government, there is a list of some website which was banned by the government for doing some illegal activities on their website some of them are Kyafi (It was a media and video streaming website and got 1868 position on Alexa analytics), Uploadsat (This was a File storage site with 107581 ranks on Alexa ) etc.
Tamilrockers 3 admins and 2 admins of DVD rockers have been arrested by Kerala police Dept. in 2018 and some of the relevant domains have also been banned through banned in India through Government.
In that website, users were able to download Hindi Dubbed movies, Telugu, Tamil, English dubbed, Hindi Subbed, English Subbed movie. Which was also illegal for users to download those pirated movies.
We do not promote to download pirated movies. It is illegal and according to the law downloading pirated movies can penalise you.

Note : We're not support any kind of piracy  through our site and this article. We are against the piracy and not suggesting you piracy through our post.

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