HNBGU BCA first semester all sample papers for internal examination

BCA first semester all sample papers for internal examination

General English

  1. Define communication? What is the difference between verbal and nonverbal Communication?|

  2. Difference between monologue and dialogue.

  3. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

    He rushed the class as he was late.

    The planet was seen the telescope

    He is not afraid the consequences.

    Her parents live new Delhi

    The school is famous ....... its sports achievements.

  4. Put the word in brackets into the correct form.

    I couldn’t find any ............ in his theory. (weak)

    Some of the shanty towns are dreadfully ..........(crowd.)

    He was acting in a very ..........way (child)

    He wants to be a ...........when he grows up (mathematics)

    He is ..........participated in contest (active)

  5. Write a paragraph on “Digital India”

  6. Write a letter to editor of Times of India to tell the unhygienic condition near your locality due to overflow of drainage.

  7. Write an application to the principal asking for deferment in submitting college fee due to your personal reason.

Fundamental of computers

  1. What is computer? Write its characteristics. What is cache memory?

  2. What are the differences between second and third generation of computers?

  3. What are the differences between PROM and EPROM?

  4. What is software? Explain all types of software.

  5. What are the differences between DOS and Windows operating system?

  6. What is operating system? Explain the different types of operating systems.

  7. What is algorithm? Write an algorithm to find the factorial of a number.

  8. Explain any three of the following:

    Flowchart with example
    Laser printer vs. inkjet printer.
    Assembly language vs High level language
    Input devices

Programming in C

  1. Define and explain the various data types in C with examples

  2. Define structure with example, What are the differences between structure and union?

  3. What is decision making? Explain with example.

  4. What is function ? Differentiate between user defined function and library function.

  5. Write down the C program to check if the entered number is prime number or not.

  6. Differentiate between call by value and call by reference.

  7. Explain the different storage classes in C

  8. Define loop in C . Difference between while loop and Do while loop with examples.

Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science

  1. If R is an equivalence relation in a set A, then prove that R-1 is also an equivalence relation in A.

  2. Define partial order relation. Five an example of a relation which is reflexive but neither symmetric nor transitive.

  3. Show that the set N of all natural numbers is not a group with respect to addition.

  4. Show that the set of all integers....-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,,,,,is n infinite abelian group with respect to the operation of addition of integers.

  5. Decompose the following permutation into transposition:





  6. Solve the recurrence relation, satisfying the 9an=2-6an=1=an =0 initial condition a0=1 and a1=1

  7. Prove that each of the following is a tautology:

    (a) [(p->q)^(q->r)]->(p->r)

    (b) [p^(p->q)]->q

  8. Solve the recurrence relation 3an=2-6an+1+4an =0

Programming in C Practical

  1. Write a program to calculate a factorial of a given no. using recursion.

  2. Write a program to add, subtract, multiply, and divide three no’s using switch cases.

PC packages Practical

  1. Create a mark sheet of students in MS excel. And also display the percentage of all students.

  2. Make your own resume in MS word.

  3. Create a directory name BCA and also create file name STUDENT in this directory.

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