HNBGU BCA First Semester Previous Year 2016-17 Question Papers

HNBGU BCA First Semester Previous Year 2016-17 Question Papers

General English

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

  1. Write a letter (a,b,c or d ) of the correct answer in the brackets:
    Work hard should fail
    As if

    A Rajput prince had a wife ......gave him great trouble.

    Hardly had we reached the school ....the bell rang

    The conductor shouted ...... he had gone wild
    As if
    In case

    None of the schemes will be of any use.........the people are educated
    As if

  2. Fill in the blanks with ‘some or ‘any’
    1. I am free all day, call ..... time you like.
    2. I met .....interesting people last night
    3. We won’t have without you.
    4. Did you buy...... clothes? No, I didn’t buy .....
    5. I have..... interesting information about the new movie.

  3. What is the difference between verbal and non verbal communication ? give suitable examples.

  4. What is paraphrasing?

  5. What is the difference between minutes and agenda of a meeting? Define with example

  6. What is the difference between monologue and dialogue?

  7. What is public speaking ? What are the barriers in public speacking?


Note: Attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

  1. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about a film which you have recently seen.

  2. Write an application to the principle of a school in answer to their advertisement for an English teacher. Give some details of your education and experience.

  3. Write a paragraph on the ‘Evil of the Dowry System’

  4. “Reading make the full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” Examine this statement of Francis Bacon in the light of speaking, reading and writing skills.

  5. Write a detailed report on ‘Run for unity’ event organized by your college on the occasion of independence day.

  6. Translate the following passage in to Hindi:
            No matter where they live, no matter what their size and appearance= all cats are alike in many ways. All have bodies adopted for hunting and killing. All are highly specialized beasts of prey.

Computer Fundamental

Note: Attempt any four questions. Each question carries equal marks.

  1. (a) Explain the characteristics of a Computer. What is Cache memory?

    (b) Explain the different types of input devices and explain different categories of keys in a keyboard.

  2. (a) Explain the different types of number system representation in computer with suitable example.

    (b) Define Algorithm. Write its characteristics and give an example

  3. (a) Explain the different types of programming languages.

    (b) Define internet. Explain the different services of internet

  4. (a) What are the different symbols used in a Flowchart and draw a flowchart to find larger of two numbers.

    (b) Write differences between main memory and secondary memory.

  5. (a) Give three advantages of windows over DOS operating environment

    (b) explain the different type of data type and explain the various type of operator in C programming.

  6. (a) Write a C program to find the factorial of any number.

    (b) Explain the Switch, While and For loop

  7. Give short notes on the following.
    • CD ROM
    • TCP/IP
    • Copy files from directory OLDDIR to NEWDIR
    • Multiprocessing and multiprogramming

Programming in C

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each questions carry 5 marks.

  1. Explain the steps used for compilation and execution of C programme

  2. What do you mean by debugging? Explain its techniques in brief

  3. Write a C programme to find factorial of any number.

  4. Define control statements with example

  5. Differentiate between user defined and built in function

  6. Explain multidimensional array with example

  7. Write a programme to swapping of two numbers in C language.

Section B

Note : Attempt any three questions. Each questions carry 15 marks.

  1. Explain various data types used in C programming with examples.

  2. Define structure with example. What are the differences between structure and union?

  3. Write a programme to addition of two matrices using functions.

  4. What do you mean by data types? Define its size for different computer machine.

  5. Write short notes on any three of the following :
    • Calloc and Malloc function
    • Recursive function
    • Array of pointer
    • Modifiers
    • Macros

Mathematical foundation of computer science

Note: Attempt any five questions. Each questions carry 5 marks.

  1. (a) Define partial order relation. Give an example of a relation which is reflexive but neither symmetric nor transitive.

    (b) If f and g are two mappings form R to R given by:
    F(x) = x2+3x+1, g(x) = 2x-3
    Then obtain formula defining fog and gog.

  2. (a) If a, b are any two elements of a group G, prove that:
    (ab)-1 = b-1a-1

    (b) Prove that the four fourth roots of unity form a finite abelian group with respect to multiplication.

  3. (a) Determine which of the following are even permutation:
    (i) F= (1,2,3) (1,2)
    (ii) G= (1,2,3,4,5) (1,2,3) (4,5)
    (iii) H =(1,2) (1,3) (1,4) (2,5)

    (b) Give an example of a finite abelian group which is not cyclic.

  4. (a) Solve the difference equations:
    satisfying the condition a0 =0 and a1 = 2.

    (b) Solve the recurrence relation ar+2-3ar+1+2ar =0 by the method of generating functions with the initial conditions a0=2 and a1 = 3.

  5. If R is additive group of real number and R+ the multiplicator group of positive real number, prove that the mapping f:R->R+ defined by f(x) = ex is an isomorphism

  6. Prove that each of the following is a tautology:
    (i) p->(p v q)
    (ii) (p ^ (p->q))->q
    (iii) p ^ q -> p
    (iv) p->p

  7. (a) Write the form of the negation of each of the following:
    (i) For all positive integers n, we have n+2>8
    (ii) All men are honest or some man is a thief.
    (iii) There is at least one person who is happy all the time.
    (iv) The sum of any two integers is an even integer.

    (b) If X = {2,3,6,12,12,36} and the relation ≤ be such that x ≤ y if x divides y. Draw the Hasse diagram of (X,≤)

  8. (a) If G is a finite group and H is a subgroup of G, prove that O (H) is a divisor of O (G).

    (b) Find the generators of a cyclic group of order 8.

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