HNBGU BCA First Semester Previous Year 2018-19 Question Papers

HNBGU BCA First semester Previous Year Question Paper 2018-19


Examination Year 2018-19

NOTE: Attempt any five question . Each question carries 5 marks

  1. Draw a directed graph representation of relation R={(1,1),(2,2),(2,3),(3,2),(4,2),(4,4)} on set {1,2,3,4}. Also find R2 = RoR

  2. Prove that the following function defined on the set of ordered pairs of real numbers is one to one and onto f (x,y) = (x+y,2x-y)

  3. Find the generating function f,,or the sequence 1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0.....

  4. How many generators are there of the cyclic group of order 8?

  5. Let f and g be the two functions defined on the set of real numbers, given by:
    f(x) =2x+3 and g(x) = x2=1
    respectively. Find the composition function gof(x) and fog(x).

  6. Let G = {1,-1,-i, i} with the binary operation multiplication be an algebraic structure, where i= √-1. Prove that the set G forms an abelian group under multiplication

  7. Solve the following recurrence relation:
    an-5an-1+6an-2=0 where a0=2 and a1=5

Section B

NOTE: attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

  1. (a) Determine the numeric function corresponding to the following generating function:
    G(x) = 2/1-4x2

    (b) Write down the recurrence relation for Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,......) Also find thee generating function for this sequence.

  2. (a) Prove that the identity element in a group G is unique.

    (b) Find the order of each element of the multiplicative group G= {1,-1,I,-i}, where i=√-1

  3. (a) Let D36 = {1,2,3,4,6,9,12,18,36} denotes the set of divisors of 36 ordered of divisibility. Draw the Hasse diagram of D36.

    (b) Define the partially order relation with suitable example.

  4. (a) Use the Mathematical induction to prove that 12 + 22 + 32 +......+ n2 = n(n+1)(2n+1)/6 ɏn≥1.

    (b) Show that the functions f(x) = x3+1 and g(x) = (x-1)1/3 are converse to each other.

  5. (a) Check the validity of the following arguments:
    “If there was a ball game, then travelling was difficult. If they arrived on time then travelling was not difficult. They arrived on time. Therefore there was no ball game.”

    (b) Verify that the proposition p v ɿ (p ^ q) is a tautology.

  6. (a) Prove that p <-> Q and (P->Q) ^ (Q->P) are equivalent.

    (b) Let R5 be the relation on the set of integers Z defined by x = y(mod5) which reads “x is congruent to y modulo 5” and which means that the difference x-y is divisible by 5. Prove that R5 is an equivalence relation.

Programming in C

Examination Year 2018-19

NOTE: Attempt any five question . Each question carries 5 marks
  1. Explain the structure of a C program

  2. What are various debugging techniques? Explain the techniques.

  3. What are the various Data types used in C language

  4. Differentiate between array and structure with an example

  5. Explain the various control statements with an example.

  6. Write a C program to find factorial of any number.

  7. Explain various loops used in C language

Section B

NOTE: attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

  1. Why do you use function? Explain the various types of functions with suitable examples.

  2. What are the operators? Explain the various types of operators used in C language with suitable examples.

  3. Write a C program for adding two matrix using pointers.

  4. Define dynamic memory allocation? What are different methods to allocate memory in C language with examples.

  5. Write short notes on any there of the following:
  • Storage classes
  • Calloc and Malloc funcations
  • Union (with examples)
  • Preprocessor

Computer Networks

Examination Year 2018-19

NOTE: Attempt any five question . Each question carries 5 marks

  1. What do you mean by network topology? Write the names of different topologies.

  2. Write the names of five internal and external commands of DOS.

  3. List and explain the types of computers.

  4. Explain in brief primary memory

  5. What is flowchart? Give symbol used for flowchart.

  6. What is computer network? Give the advantages computer network

  7. List the generations of computer.
Section B

NOTE: attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

  1. What is algorithm? Give the algorithm and flowchart of addition for first ten number start form 1

  2. What is operating system? Explain its functions.

  3. Draw neat block diagram of computer and explain its every component in detail.

  4. Write short notes on any three of the following

    System and application software
    CD ROM

  5. Give the difference between the following (any three):
    LAN and WAN
    GUI and CLI
    Assembly language and high level languae
    RAM and ROM

Modern English Language

Examination Year 2018-19

NOTE: Attempt any five question . Each question carries 5 marks

  1. What are the characteristics of communication?

  2. Explain the meaning of communication process and discuss its main components.

  3. What is the differences between verbal and non verbal communication?

  4. What is meant by listening? Explain the different types of listening.

  5. What do you understand by the term ‘grapevine’?

  6. What do you mean by coding and decoding?

  7. What are the functions of Non- Verbal Communication?

Section B

NOTE: attempt any three questions. Each question carries 15 marks.

  1. Write a letter to the district Collector complaining against the nuisance caused by loud speaker in the city during examination days.

  2. Write a report on a disaster stuck village that is hit by cloud burst.

  3. What are important points to remember while making precis/ summary of a text?

  4. Define public speaking.

  5. How will you document an Account Office?

  6. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below it:
Light houses occupy a special place in the history of the world. For millions of people that were the first sign of civilization after a long sea voyage. For others they are grim remainders of the sea dangers. Modern technology has made light houses redundant, but they remind us of a time when ships ruled the world.

Lights for navigation have existed for more than 3000 years. The purpose was to show ships where they are and guide them into safe harbors and to warn them of rocks and reefs. Although preventing loss of life has always been consideration, it is the preservation of ships and cargoes that has been the real driving force behind light house construction. The Light houses reached their zenith during the first of the 20th century. Today the satellite navigation technology is taking the place of the light house as the safe, economic and reliable way to navigate the oceans of the world.
The first light were fires in bronze baskets along the Nile delta as early as 1000 B.C. The oldest surviving light house is the Tower of Hercules in Spain. It was built around 29 B.C. by the Romans. It served as a light house until 5th century A.D. There it was abandoned for some time. But then again it was rebuilt in 1682 and it is still in service. Accurate marine charts are how available for literally the whole of earth’s watery surface. These charts have also been computerized an in conjunction with GPS can display the exact position of a ship on the screen. These developments have made light houses lose their importance.

  1. What was the primary purpose behind building the light houses?

  2. Which is the oldest surviving light house and since how many years is it in use?

  3. How did the light houses keep the navigators?

  4. Why have the light houses become redundant?

  5. Make sentences of the following words so as to make their meaning clear:
  • Redundant
  • Zenith
  • Abandon

PC Packages Practical

Examination Year 2018-19

  1. Create a marksheet of students in MS Excel and also display the percentage of all students.

  2. Create a directory name ”Employee” and also create file name “Employee Detail” in this directory with different attribute like emp_name, emp_id, emp_branch, emp_address, emp_mobileNo.

C Programming Practical

Examination Year 2018-19

  1. Write a program to calculate a factorial of a given no. using recursion

  2. Write a program to add, subtract, multiply and divide three no’s using switch cases.

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