HNBGU BCA second semester all sample papers for internal examination

HNBGU BCA second semester all sample papers for internal examination

Programming in C++

  1. What is object oriented programming? Also describe the characteristics of OOPS.

  2. Define Call by value and Call by reference with suitable example

  3. What is operator overloading in C++ explain. Describe different types of operators in C++

  4. Define Constructor and Destructor. Explain with example.

  5. Explain structure with example. How is structure different from an array? Illustrate with example.

  6. Compare While, Do while and for loops with example.

  7. What is Inheritance? Describe the different forms of inheritance with a example for each

  8. Explain any three of the following
    • Type conversion
    • Virtual Function
    • Friend function
    • Inline function

Data Structure and File organization

  1. What is data structure? Explain non linear data structure

  2. Write the algorithm to insert and delete elements in single link list.

  3. Explain Recursion and its types.

  4. What are the advantages of QUEUE? Explain DEQUEUE.

  5. Convert the following into Postfix notation.



  6. Write the algorithm for sorting a set of numbers in ascending order using bubble sort.

Environment studies

  1. What do you understand by the term “environment”? Explain multidisciplinary nature of environment?

  2. What is ecosystem? Describe the aquatic ecosystem?

  3. Explain the value of biodiversity?

  4. What are the different types of pollution? Explain water pollution in detail.

  5. How does global warming helps in depletion of the environment?

  6. What is the role of religion and culture in environmental conservation?

  7. Write short notes on any 5
    • Importance of environment
    • Food chain
    • Causes of deforestation
    • Insitu conservation
    • Climate change
    • Chipko movement
    • Floods  

Database management system

  1. What is Database Management system? Differentiate between database system and the file system?

  2. What is SQL? Explain its advantages.

  3. What is data dependency? Explain the types of data dependencies.

  4. What is ER diagram? Draw E-R diagram of a banking system

  5. What is Normalization ? Explain

  6. Explain specialization and generalization with examples

  7. Write short notes on any four of the following
    • BCNF
    • Join and its types
    • Architecture of database
    • DDL and DML
    • Aggregation and inheritance

Programming in C++ (Practical)

  1. Write a program with suitable example of

  2. Write a program with suitable example of inline function

  3. Write a program with suitable example of inheritance

Data Structure And file organization (Practical)

  1. Write a program to insert, delete and traverse the elements in single link list.

  2. Write a program to show push and pop operation in stack (using array).

  3. Write a program to insert an element at specific position in one dimensional array

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