Environment Science previous year question paper | HNBGU

Environmental Science

HNBGU Previous Question Paper 2017-18

  1. What is ecosystem? Give two example

  2. Define sustainable development

  3. What do you mean by greenhouse effect? Name three green house gases.

  4. What is food chain? Give an example of food chain?

  5. What are three levels of biological diversity?

  6. What is acid rain? Discuss the impact of acid rain on historical monuments

  7. What do you mean by renewable energy resources? Name three renewable energy resources.

  1. Explain the structure and function of pond as an ecosystem with suitable diagram

  2. Discuss the major sources and effects of air pollution in your city.

  3. What are the major sources of water pollution in the Ganges? Discuss various measure for controlling water pollution in the Ganges.

  4. What do you mean by biodiversity? Discuss the importance and threats to biodiversity.

  5. What is solid waste? Discuss integrated solid waste management of municipal solid waste of your town.

  6. Write salient features of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act 1974

  7. Write short notes on any three of the following:

    1. Montreal Protocol
    2. Chipko movement
    3. Endangered and Endemic species
    4. Article 51A(g) of Indian Constitution