HTML programming previous year question paper 2017 | HNBGU BCA third semester

HTML programming

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2017-18

  1. What is World Wide Web?

  2. What is a browser? Explain the use of JVM in a browser.

  3. Explain the ordered and unordered lists in HTML

  4. Explain the use of HTTP protocol to process web pages.

  5. What are cookies? Explain their usage.

  6. What is Uniform Resource locator (URL)?

  7. Explain the client –server model of networking.

  1. Write a brief note on any five HTML tags.

  2. Explain HTML tables illustrating the rowspan and colspan elements.

  3. What are HTML frames? Write a code to make a commonly required frame layout

  4. Explain the HTML forms implementation with example to get the student details

  5. What is Cascade Style Sheet? Define a sample CSS code for a group of web pages.

  6. What are the different ways to apply CSS to HTML? Give some example.

  7. Explain the tags used for marque image insertion in a web page.