Computer and information technology previous year question paper | HNBGU MCA First semester

Computer and information technology

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2022

    1. Draw a block diagram of a computer. Explain the function of each of the blocks.

    2. What is software? Explain system and application software with suitable example.

    1. Describe the complete process of Mail merge

    2. Explain 5 input and 5 output devices.

    1. What is Macro in MS-Word? What are its features? How can we insert Macros in a document?

    2. What is Memory? Explain the types of Memory in brief.

    1. What is Cache memory in a computer? Also explain hit and miss ratio.

    2. What is the purpose of MS-Excel? Explain , how to create a sheet containing the roll_no, name and total marks of 10 students.

    1. Write the various advantages of Windows over DOS operating environment.

    2. Explain all types of digital computers with example.

    1. Explain internal and external commands in DOS with example.

    2. Explain any two templates of Power point presentation.

    1. Write steps to create a presentation in Power Point with audio and video clip.

    2. What do you understand by a database? HOw do you create a table in MS-Access?

    1. Explain the following in reference of MS-Access:

      1. *.mdb files
      2. inseration of records in a table
      3. role of primary key
      4. sorting of records
    2. Explain the rolw of computer in purchasing and material management.