Graphics and Animation previous year question paper 2022 | HNBGU MCA Third semester

Graphics and Animation

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2022

    1. List and briefly explain the applications of computer graphics.

    2. What is raster graphics? How is raster graphics different from vector graphics? Explain the differences in raster and vector graphics with suitable example.

    1. CShow by aid of suitable diagram the concept of frame buffer, scan line, horizontal and vertical retrace.

    2. List any five input devices and five output devices. Explain the working of joysticks or data gloves.

    1. Write DDA line drawing algorithm. what are the advantages of DDA algorithm over Bresenham's line drawing algorithm?

    2. Methodically draw a line between the points P(2,3) to Q(6,15) using DDA line drawing algorithm.

  1. Explain Bresenham's drawing algorithm. Using this algorithm draw a line between the points p1(5,6) and p2 (8,12).

    1. Explain circle generating algorithm.

    2. Write Mid - point circle generating algorithm and draw a circle of radius 15 centered at origin.

    1. Explain Cohen Sutherland line clipping algorithm.

    2. For a given clipping window between (-3,1) and (2,6) remove a part of the line which is outside the clipping window. Start and end point of the line are p1(-1,5) and p2(3,8) respectively.

    1. Explain winding number test with an suitable example.

    2. Write 3x3 matrices for Translation, Rotation and Scaling in 2- dimensional space.

  2. Write short notes on any two of the following:

    1. Ray tracing
    2. 3-D rendering pipeline
    3. Floodfill algorithms
    4. Beizer curve