Machine Learning previous year question paper 2022 | HNBGU MCA Third semester

Machine Learning

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2022

    1. Define Machine learning with example. Mention any five application of Machine learning.

    2. Explain the various stages involved in designing a learning system in detail.

    1. Consider the given dataset. Apply Naive-Bayes algorithm and predict that if a fruit has the following properties then which type of fruit it is :

      Fruit Yellow Sweet Long Total
      Mango 350 450 0 650
      Banana 400 300 350 400
      Others 50 100 50 150
      Total 800 850 400 1200
    2. What is a decision tree? How does a decision tree work?

    1. Explain in details about multilayer neural networks and back propagation algorithm.

    2. Differentiate between Genetic algorithm and Traditional algorithm with suitable example.

  1. With a neat diagram, describe the various stages of building a data warehouse.

    1. What is KDD? Explain about data mining as a step in the process of knowledge discovery.

    2. Describe about major issues in Data mining.

  2. Describe the need of data preprocessing. Expain data preprocessing technique in data mining.

    1. For the following given transaction dataset generate rule using Apriori algorithm, consider the value as Support = 2 and Confidence = 50%:

    2. Discuss the applications of association analysis.

      T_ID ITEMS
      T1 A,B
      T2 B,D
      T3 B,C
      T4 A,B,D
      T5 A,C
      T6 B,C
      T7 A,C
      T8 A,B,C,E
      T9 A,B,C
  3. What is cluster analysis? Describe the different types of clustering techniques with examples.