Programming in C previous year question paper 2019 HNBGU MCA First semester

Programming in C

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2019

    1. Write a short note on top down modular design approach.

    2. What are the characteristics of an algorithms? Write an algorithm to find the sum of all the numbers betweeen 11 and 50 which are divisible by 3.

    1. What are the different types of operators used in C language? Also discuss the difference between the associatively and precedence of operators.

    2. Explain in detail about the constant, expression and statements in C language.

    1. What do you understand byy the nested looping? Wrire down the applicaiton, where nested looping is used.

    2. Define arrays. Write a program in C language to find out the average of ten random numbers stored in an array.

    1. What are the different types of functions used in C language? Write a program in C to sort list of names of students in an ascending order.

    2. Define Recursion and write a program to print first 20 numbers of Fibonacci series using recursion.

    1. Write a program using pointers in C to reverse the characters of a string.

    2. What do you mean by pre-processor directives? List and explain with example its different categories

    1. Explain the difference between Structure and Union. Create a structure to specify the data of customers in a bank. The data to be store is : Account number, Name and Balance in account.Assuming maximumof 200 customers in the bank, write a program to print the Account number and Name of the customers with balance below 100 $.

    2. What do you mean by dynamic memory allocation? Explain the purpose of malloc() and calloc() functions with example in details.

    1. What are the various types of files that can be created in C language? Also give the syntax of different modes in which these files can be used. Write a program in C language to append some more text at the end of an existing text files.

    2. Write a program to copy the contents of one file in to another file.

  1. Write notes on the following:

    1. Write a C program to convert given decimal number into its equivalent binary numbers.
    2. Write a C program to find sum of elements in each row and column of the given matrix and print the greatest of the same.