System Analysis and Design previous year question paper 2019 | HNBGU MCA First semester

System Analysis and Design

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2019

    1. What is a System? Describe open and closed system.

    2. What is teh compute based information system and what is its purpose?

    1. What is DFD? What characteristics and function of data in information system are modeled by DFD?

    2. Explain structure of a decision tree.

    1. What id SDLC? Explain its all phases in detail.

    2. Who is System Analyst? What are his responsibilities?

    1. What is a prototype? What are the advantages of prototyping?

    2. Define testing. List and describe various testing techniques.

    1. Explain different fact finding tools in detail.

    2. Differentiate decision table and decision tree with the help of suitable diagram.

    1. What are the various steps in Feasibility Study?

    2. What is data dictionary? Explain?

  1. Write short notes on the following:

    1. CRT Screen Design
    2. Input design
    3. Interviews and Questionnaires