Data structure previous year question paper 2022 | HNBGU MCA second semester

Data Structure

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2022-23

    1. What is the time complexity of binary search algorithm is :

      1. Best case
      2. Worst Case
    2. Define ADT. What are its advantages?

    1. Write a procedure to convert infix expression to postfix expression.

    2. Apply the procedure of 2(a) on the following expression:
      ((A+B)*D)^| (E-F)(^| means raise to the power)

    1. Let a1 denotes the foloowing algebraic expression :
      a1= [a+(b+c)]*[d-e/(g-h)]
      Draw the corresponding binary tree.

    2. Apply:

      1. preorder
      2. postorder
      3. inorder traversal on the tree obtained in 3(a)
    1. Create the BST after inserting the following elements in order in empty BST:

    2. What are AVL trees? write down their applications.

    1. What are underflow and ovreflow conditions in a linked list? Explain with the help of a suitable diagram.

    2. Write the PUSH and POP algorithms of a stack using array representation.

    1. What is recursion? Explain with the help of a suitable example.

    2. Explain linear search and its complexities in

      1. Best Case
      2. Average Case
      3. Worst Case
  1. Write short notes on the following.

    1. Column major representation of 2D array
    2. Garbage colleciton
    3. Priority queue
    4. Bubble sort