DBMS previous year question paper 2022 | HNBGU MCA second semester


HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2022

    1. Discuss main characteristics of database approach and also explain how it differs from traditional file systems.

    2. State five main advantages of DBMS.

    1. Discuss entity types, entity sets, attributes and generalization.

    2. Explain different types of data users.

  1. What do you mean by normalization? Why is normalization needed? Explain 2NF and 3NF by giving example.

    1. Why do we use keys? Explain concept of super key, candidate key, foreign key, primary key by giving suitable examples.

    2. Discuss various components of RDBMS.

    1. What is data independence ? What is difference between logical and physical independence?

    2. Differentiate between DDL and DML. Discuss the types of DMLs in short.

    1. What do you mean by Functional Dependency? Discuss Armstrong's axioms related ot funcitonal dependency.

    2. A set of FD's for the relation to R{A,B,C,D,E,F} is:

  2. Write short notes on the following.

  3. Write short notes on the following :

    1. SQL
    2. E-R Diagram