DBMS previous year question paper 2019 | HNBGU second semester


HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2019-20

  1. Differentiate between DBMS and file system.

  2. What is desertification? Enumerate different factors responsible for desertification

  3. Explain data independency with example.

  4. Explain the SQL commands used in RDBMS with example

  5. What do you mean by Normalization?

  6. What do you mean by database design?

  7. Explain the key constraints used in RDBMS.

  8. Why do you use relational algebra in RDBMS? Explain it in brief

  1. Design an E-R diagram for library system in an organization and explain each entity in detail.

  2. Explain the different types of normal form used in RDBMS with suitable examples in detail.

  3. What do you mean by schema? Explain the different components used in architecture of DBMS.

  4. Differentiate between the following with suitable examples:

    1. DBMS and RDBMS
    2. DML and DDL
    3. Primary key and Foreign key
  5. Explain the RDBMS and its components with an example

  6. Write short notes on any three of the following:

    1. DFD
    2. Functional dependency
    3. Joints and union operation
    4. Integrity constraints
    5. Triggers and Clusters