Environmental Science Previous year question paper 2019 | HNBGU second semester

Environmental Science

HNBGU Previous Question Paper 2019-20

  1. Describe food chain and food web with examples

  2. What is desertification? Enumerate different factors responsible for desertification

  3. What are the different health risks of nuclear hazards?

  4. Write a note on man wildlife conflict

  5. Describe any two renewable sources of energy.

  6. Describe energy flow in an ecosystem.

  7. Describe different levels of biodiversity.

  1. What is ecosystem? Describe structure and function of a river ecosystem.

  2. What is climate? Describe various factors responsible for climate change.

  3. Describe various factors responsible for ozone layer depletion. Give an account of national and international efforts made for ozone layer protection.

  4. What is solid waste? Describe integrated solid waste management practices.

  5. Define pollution. Describe causes and effect of air pollution.

  6. Write short notes on any three of the following:

    1. Kyoto Protocol
    2. Environmental movements
    3. Biodiversity hotspots
    4. Ex-situ conservation
    5. Environmental ethics
  7. Write short notes on any three of the following:

    1. Threats to biodiversity
    2. Consequences of deforestation
    3. Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)
    4. Conflicts over water
    5. Wildlife (Protection ) Act, 1972