Data structure Previous Year Question Paper 2017 | HNBGU BCA Second semester

Data structure and file organization

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2017-18

  1. What is Abstract Data type? What are all not concerned in an ADT?

  2. Explain the dynamic memory allocation

  3. Which data structure is used to represent an arithmetic expression? Give an example

  4. Explain the one dimensional and two dimensional array.

  5. Explain recursion and types of recursion

  6. What do you mean by non linear data structure?

  7. Explain the Index Sequential File Organization.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of array representation of stack and queues over linked list representation?

  2. Write a function which takes address of an integer flag and search for a number in a link list with address start. If number is found then flag should become 1 otherwise it should have a value 0. Function should not return any value.

  3. Write a function to count the leaf nodes from right hand side of binary search tree with address root.

  4. Construct an AVL free with the following key arriving in the given order:


  5. Write the algorithm for sorting a set of numbers in a ascending order using Quick sort.

  6. Consider the following data items with their weights, construct Huffman’s tree:

    Data Items Weight
    X 12
    Y 16
    Z 17
    D 5
    E 4
    F 25
    G 10
    H 20