Programming in C Previous Year Question Paper 2017 | HNBGU BCA First semester

Programming in C

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2017-18

  1. What are steps to write and execute a program written in C language?

  2. What is a preprocessor? Why and how preprocessor is useful in C language?

  3. Write a program in C language to generate a Fibonacci Series.

  4. What are the different loops used in C language Describe with syntax and suitable examples

  5. Define a function. What are various parameters passing methods?

  6. Distinguish between array and structure with example

  7. What is a Pointer? Explain operators used in pointers with example

  1. How many storage classes are in C language? Describe each and every storage class with syntax and suitable example.

  2. Define union with example/ How memory allocation is different in Union than structure? Explain

  3. Define multi-dimensional arrays and write a program to multiply two matrices using arrays.

  4. Define dynamic memory allocation. What are different methods to allocate memory in C language? Explain with suitable examples.

  5. Write short notes on any two of the following:

    1. File attributes and operators
    2. Bitwise operators
    3. Pointer to pointer
    4. Conditional operator
    5. Break and continue keyword uses