Computer Fundamental Previous Year Question Paper 2016 | HNBGU BCA First semester

Computer Fundamental

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2016-17

    1. Explain the characteristics of a Computer. What is Cache memory?

    2. Explain the different types of input devices and explain different categories of keys in a keyboard.

    1. Explain the different types of number system representation in computer with suitable example.

    2. Define Algorithm. Write its characteristics and give an example

    1. Explain the different types of programming languages.

    2. Define internet. Explain the different services of internet

    1. What are the different symbols used in a Flowchart and draw a flowchart to find larger of two numbers.

    2. Write differences between main memory and secondary memory.

    1. Give three advantages of windows over DOS operating environment

    2. Explain the different type of data type and explain the various type of operator in C programming.

    1. Write a C program to find the factorial of any number.

    2. Explain the Switch, While and For loop

  1. Give short notes on the following.

    1. CD ROM
    2. TCP/IP
    3. Copy files from directory OLDDIR to NEWDIR
    4. Multiprocessing and multiprogramming