Programming in C Previous Year Question Paper 2011 | HNBGU BCA First semester

Programming in C

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2011-12

    1. Write history of C programming language. Why is it known as high level language?

    2. What are header files in C? Explain with examples.

    1. What is a Data type? Write about C data types with examples.

    2. How can you add a loop? Write example of any three loops, that you can use in C

    1. What is decision making? Write about use of if and else with example.

    2. Write a C to find out leap year.

    1. What is function and how will you use functions in C?

    2. Write a C program to add five numbers using functions.

    1. Write about array in C Define with example.

    2. What is Structure in C Explain with some examples

    1. Write a C program to add and subtract a matrix.

    2. Show the use of switch and case using a good example.

    1. Write C program to find reverse of a given number.

    2. Show the use of pointers in C using a good example.