Programming in C Previous Year Question Paper 2018 | HNBGU BCA First semester

Programming in C

HNBGU BCA Previous Question Paper 2018-19

  1. Explain the structure of a C program

  2. What are various debugging techniques? Explain the techniques.

  3. What are the various Data types used in C language

  4. Differentiate between array and structure with an example?

  5. Explain the various control statements with an example.

  6. Write a C program to find factorial of any number.

  7. Explain various loops used in C language

    1. Why do you use function? Explain the various types of functions with suitable examples.

    2. What are the operators? Explain the various types of operators used in C language with suitable examples.

    1. Write a C program for adding two matrix using pointers.

    2. Define dynamic memory allocation? What are different methods to allocate memory in C language with examples.

  1. Write short notes on any there of the following:

    • Storage classes
    • Calloc and Malloc funcations
    • Union (with examples)
    • Preprocessor