Computer Organization and Architecture Previous year question paper 2021 | HNBGU MCA first semester

Computer Organization and Architecture

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2021-22

    1. Explain the different types of number system with suitable example and convert the following numbers to the indicates base/code:

      1. (11 101.11)v2 to decimal
      2. (FED.47)v16 to octal
      3. (01101001) bcd to binary
      4. (754)v8 to BCD
      5. (152.25)v10 hexadecimal
  1. Explain different types of logic gates with their truth table and logic diagram. Also draw the logic circuit for the given identity Y = ABC =ABc bar +B and simplify the expression and draw a logic circuit for the same.

    1. Draw the circuit diagram of J-K flip-flop using NAND gate and draw the truth table and excitation table of J-K flip flop.

    2. Minimize the given expression by using Boolean algebra:

          Y=B(1+C)(B+B bar C)(B+D).

    3. Compare between Synchronous sequential circuits and Asynchronous sequential circuits.

    1. Describe the different addressing modes.

    2. What is the instruction?Explain three, two, one, zero address instructions. Give examples for each.

    1. What are the main advantages of using Input/Output interface? Why interfacing is used in digital computers?

    2. Give the flowchart for Booth's multiplication.

    1. Differentiate betweeen Hardwired controlled and Microprogrammed controlled microinstructions and explain microprogrammed CPU organization with the help of a suitable diagram.

    2. With a diagram, explain the organization of data on a Magnetic Hard Disk. Also explain seek time and latency time.

    1. What do you mean by virtual memory? How this is useful? Explain the basic hardwires required to implement the virtual memory.

    2. Explain the 'instruction cycle' for the processing of a single instruction in a computer.