Operating System previous year question paper 2021 | HNBGU MCA first semester

Operating System

HNBGU MCA Previous Question Paper 2021-22

    1. Explain time slicing. How does its duration affect the overall working of the system?

    2. What are system calls? Give an example of how the system calls are used in UNIX  operating system.

  1. Consider the following page reference string:
    Assume that there are three frames, which were initially empty, how many page
    faults would occur in the following cases:
    (a) FIFO
    (b) LRU
    1. Explain the use of directory in organization of files.

    2. Discuss the tree structured directory implementation in detail, in UNIX operating system.

    1. What is the meaning of PCB(Process Control Block)? Which type of information it contains and what is the purpose of each?

    2. Briefly describe the deadlock handling techniques. How can a deadlock be detected in a system and recovered?

    1. Why disk scheduling is necessary? What are the different methods and algorithms available for disk scheduling? Explain C-SCAN method and its advantages in details.

    2. What is the concept of FAT(File Allocation Table)? How is it implemented and what are its advantages over linked allocation method?

    1. Differentiate between Multilevel queue scheduling and multilevel queue scheduling.

    2. With a  suitable diagram explain the different process states. Explain the situations through which a process changes its state.

    1. What do you understand by resource allocation graph? What is its utility? How is it converted ito a wait-for-graph?

    2. Explain the function of kernel and shell.

  2. Write short notes on the following:

    1. Hardware support for paged memory management technique.
    2. Index allocation method
    3. Synchronization hardware
    4. Preemptive scheduling